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Why do wedding florists charge labour?

Have you wondered why wedding florists charge for labour as well as material?

A comparison I like to give, is when you receive a quote from an electrician, they include the product cost, their labour and their travel. This is no different to a wedding florist.

Creating stunning wedding florals is an intricate and time-consuming process that requires specialised skills and expertise; from meticulously handcrafting bridal bouquets to artfully arranging centerpieces and installations.

Labour fees cover the extensive time and effort invested when curating bespoke wedding flowers that reflect your unique style and vision. Additionally, these charges account for our experience, knowledge of floral care and handling, and paying our staff.

Here is a breakdown of the average time we spend on each wedding...

Hours of labour is typically between 20 - 50 hours.

Initial Consultation: 1-2 hours

Meeting with the couple to discuss their vision, preferences, and wedding details. Note: we do not charge for consultations.

Design and Planning: 3-5 hours

Creating a detailed design plan, selecting flowers, curating a cohesive concept

Vendor Communication: 1-2 hours

Coordinating with you, or your selected wedding planner, venue coordinator etc

Flower Sourcing: 1-3 hours

Ordering and sourcing flowers from our wholesalers, and travel/time

Flower Processing: 1-2 hours

Processing and conditioning the flowers upon arrival to ensure they stay fresh and vibrant throughout the wedding day

Floral Arrangements: 8-20 hours

Creating all the floral arrangements, including bouquets, button holes, corsages, centerpieces and any other floral installations that can be done at our studio

Wedding Day Setup: 3-6 hours

Transporting the floral arrangements to the wedding venue and creating large installs onsite - such as hanging arrangement and large ceremony pieces.

Packdown: 1-2 hours - After the wedding, we usually return to the venue to dismantle the arrangements and clean the floral debris.

Travel: 3-6 hours

This includes market trips, delivering your personal flowers the morning of the wedding, travel to your wedding venue and next day pack down.

If we did not charge labour, we would not be in business. Let us know what you think! Did you think wedding flowers was so labour intensive? We would love to hear from you!

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