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Hey there! I'm Rachael, the creative mind behind the florals, design and styling at Wyldbloom Collective.

When it comes to event design and styling, I thrive on originality and embrace unique challenges. I prefer to collaborate with you to craft new, bespoke concepts rather than following the latest trends. The most memorable weddings are those that stand out, daring to be different and reflecting true individuality and uniqueness.

Creativity and innovation have always been at the heart of who I am, and I believe that every event deserves its own distinctive narrative. I take the time to get to know you personally, allowing me to weave your unique story into the creative design for your celebration.

Take Caroline and Scott, for example. Their shared love for the night sky and star gazing inspired me to transform their wedding with roof-installed fairy lights, creating a dark, moody, and romantic atmosphere. It was a bespoke touch that made their night truly magical.


This dedication to personal detail and care is what I bring to every wedding and event. My goal is to create designs that resonate with your love story or event milestone, exceeding your expectations and leaving a lasting impression.

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